Tech Support Services

Revlight Solutions is a reputable and a leading IT company in Singapore that offers a wide variety of tech support services ranging from PC repair and installation, PC optimization, annual maintenance, network configuration services, software installation services, amongst others. These IT services and support are designed to meet the ever-growing needs of customers and we strive to ensure that each service we provide satisfy their needs.

Our company was created to provide extensively to customers, effective and efficient IT services and solutions. We are focused in delivering great services in the name of technical support services to our customers and providing the best IT solutions to the most cumbersome problem. Our expert technicians are experienced and deliver great operational efficiency at an affordable cost. Since the IT market is constantly evolving, Revlight Solutions is equally equipping and improving themselves on the regular in the area of knowledge, expertise and technology to meet modern-day demands or needs of customers and deliver excellent service to all businesses.

What most customers suffer is getting and trusting a reputable IT company to cater for their IT needs and provide solutions to IT problems. PC optimization, PC repair and installation, network configuration and software installation are common IT problems that abound which need the skills and competency of a technician. This among many others is why Revlight Solutions came into existence. With all the resources available at our disposal, we guarantee great timely service delivery.

PC repair, installation and optimization

RevLight Solutions has the magic touch to bring your PC back working at an optimum performance.

PC optimization

Annual Maintenance Services

We schedule an annual maintenance services with our customers to ensure that products and softwares gotten from us function at the optimum.

Annual Maintenance

Network configuration

We strive to ensure that clients don’t have complaints regarding network configuration service issues and non-performance of servers.

Network configuration

Software Installation Services

Our various software installation services ranges from installing spa software, custom software development, optometry software etc. Optometry software is used in optometry, a branch of medicine that deals with the eye to help improve operation and get a more accurate and faster result. This cloud-based software is capable of recording client’s data regarding his/her medical condition and customer invoicing. By customer invoicing, it means the software can record a payment made by a customer.

Client’s medical history can also be recorded by the optometry software. Medical conditions can be diagnosed with the help of optometry software installed in hospitals and clinics as well as private practice. Based on clinical examinations of the parts of the eye ranging from pupil, retina, cornea, refraction, ocular, an optometrist will be able to diagnose from the data collected from the examinations.

Software installation service

Revlight Solutions offers custom development software installation services as well. Custom development software helps you to run your business smoothly without any hitches. It is designed to increase business workflow and minimize risks. From Web applications to mobile applications, desktop applications to data applications and real-time applications, Revlight Solutions provides quality software customization services. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired results in their respective businesses.

Revlight Solutions offers spa software installation services to help monitor clients as they come and leave and serve them the best way possible. In addition, spa software is a cloud-based invoicing system capable of analysing data trends, equipment used most frequently and least frequently by clients and monitor the general wellbeing of the clients to ensure they get the best services.

IT Outsourcing - RevLight Solution

Tech support: PC Repair, Installation and Optimization

Looking for solutions to optimize your PC and make it faster, Revlight Solutions is capable of providing lasting solutions to your lagging PC. Slow PC ends up wasting your time, effort, money and affecting the performance of your tasks. We are here to make sure you don’t suffer the frustration of having to use a slow PC and fix whatever problems that may have caused it.

Is your PC faulty or broken down completely? Or you need to carryout some installation? RevLight Solutions has the magic touch to bring it back working at an optimum performance. Our experienced experts will ensure that whatever software or program you want to install is safe and secure for installation. We carryout various PC repairs and installation services conveniently.

tech support

Annual Maintenance Services

We value our customers and the products we offer them. That is why we schedule an annual maintenance services with our customers to ensure that products and softwares gotten from us function at the optimum. It will also reduce the cost of getting another product or software and prolong their duration.


Network Configuration and Tech Support

Our skilled technicians will check for any technical error or fault in network configuration service, engage in troubleshooting to ensure that servers or any other issue is resolved and everything is running smoothly. We also ensure that network is configured appropriately by performing our routine server setup as well as service optimization.

We strive to ensure that clients don’t have complaints regarding network configuration service issues and non-performance of servers. You can simply send us an email, containing your complaints and we will be sure to attend to your needs and requests.

    Network Configuration