Service Level Agreement

The service level agreement between RevLight Solutions and its client is always given top priority. With the primary purpose of RevLight Solutions is to provide services of high quality and standard, it is vital that the service level agreement between both parties is coinciding with the type of service level that has been paid for and agreed upon on.  This methodology assures the proper function and communication of the IT infrastructure.

The service levels vary from depending on the following services: IT Support Services, Scheduled On-Site Support, Remote Support, Pre-paid Support Hours, IT Support Contract and PC Maintenance. The following sections will give a brief overview of such service levels.

IT Support Services extends to a wide range of services. These services will be based on what type of support the consumer needs. When all the required support has been outlined and agreed upon, the service level agreement will adhere to those prerequisites and thus will be acted and followed upon.


Scheduled On-Site Support

It is a specific type of IT Support Service. This involves scheduling our team to visit the consumer’s locality and provide support to their IT Infrastructure. The scope of this service will again depend on what type of support the consumer needs and what resources will be needed to relieve the ongoing issues. When all the support and needed resources are sorted out, the service level agreement will be activated upon those quantifiers.

Remote Support

Remote support is another type of service that will need to be scheduled as well. Compared to the Scheduled On-Site Support, this service will not require the team to be physically present in the consumer’s location. This service will only require complete access to the consumers IT Infrastructure and will work around any issues from that standpoint.

Pre-Paid Support Hours

This involves our team providing remote or on-site support for an agreed number of hours. This type of service will be based on a per hour rate and will require the payment to be made before the service is rendered. The service level agreement on this service covers the number of hours required and the specific start and end time of the service. Any service beyond the agreed time will have to be discussed between both RevLight Solutions and the Consumer.

IT Support Contract

It refers to the specific agreement of a type of IT Support rendered for a longer period of time. Compared to pre-paid support hours, this service will cover a longer time frame of usually months to years. Depending on the agreement between both parties, the payment can be done in full or divided into payment options. Any breach of the contract will have consequences and will also be discussed by both parties during the negotiation process.

PC Maintenance

PC maintenance is another type of On-Site Service. This service is also a scheduled service but compared to Scheduled On-Site Support, where it focuses more on the system framework, this service focuses on the hardware perspective of your IT Infrastructure. The On-site team will assess and diagnose for any hardware issues, and depend on the service legal agreement the consumer may purchase the required hardware from Revlight Solutions themselves or from an outside hardware provider.

RevLight Solutions is fully flexible when it comes to the service required. All services are tailored for the benefit of the consumers yet this must be agreed upon on by both parties to have full transparency of the service that is paid for and provided.