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Revlight helps you in wireless extender setup

Boost Your Existing Wireless Network Signal through Range Extender Device in Just Few Minutes. It helps to improve Wi-Fi Range even in the dead zone of the internet.
The wonderful device is easy to connect to the router and range extender takes you to the device home page to manage your range extender settings.
When you find the speed of internet is inaccessible then you can connect your router to the extender.

  • Two devices are easier to setup with your wifi router.

    - Netgear extender setup

    - Linksys extender setup

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How To Install The Extender To The Router

If you are already using the router and all of a sudden you find the speed is not good then you can bring your extender near to the router and plug it into the power outlet.

On getting the power, the extender LED will light up. You will press its WPS button and immediately, press the WPS button of your Router. Both will be connected. When you get your device, the will automatically get open on your home screen. In case it is not displaying then go to the main browser and type the Mywifiext net. Press Enter and follow few instructions.

Your extender tracks all the settings of your router. Thus, on reaching the Mywifiext net login you can fill the credentials which you use to reach By default, it’s Username: admin (small letters) and Password: password: admin (small letter). If you have changed the credentials then follow the modified settings.

You are connected and go to use your network flawlessly without getting the problem. After connecting to the extender, your network will show along with the name Ext. for example ‘Netgear_Ext’. Meanwhile, the settings, you should keep your extender nearby the router but further, you should wirelessly use it or keep along with your device.

Make sure your router should stay connected to the internet. Keeping your extender out of the Wi-Fi range will not provide the good results.

Your Netgear Range Extender New Wireless connection Settings

1. Connect your wifi range extender to the power somewhere where you can reach it easily.

2. Wait for the power light to turn green or solid & grab a paper clip/ toothpick which can easily stick inside the reset hole.

3. Now stick the paper click inside the reset hole & hold it there for at least 15 to 20 seconds, in some extenders for reset there will be reset button instead of reset pin-hole.

4. Now release the button or remove the paper clip.

5. Now wait for the lights or in other words wait for your extender to power up again as it will go through a power cycle after the reset.

Now once the power light is solid green it means you are done with the reset and your extender is now in default settings, ready to be configured with your new router. But in case more than one light shows up on your Range Extender that means you were not able to reset your extender and you will have to go with this process again, you can also check this through your wireless manager on your device. after the reset your Netgear Extender will show up by Netgear_Ext under available networks & if it still shows you up by the old name it means you will have to reset it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore your questions related to Wireless Extender Setup

Can I Use Netgear Range Extender To My Existing Router?

However, the Netgear range extender is easily available to be connected to the majority of routers. Still, it depends on the compatibility of the router. Some extenders support the 2.4GHz or some support the dual band. It may connect but will vary for providing performance.

What If I Forget The Password Of Netgear Range Extender

The range extender default login details are written on the label. In case, you change the default settings and further you forget the details then reset you extender and again access the Mywifiext Net basic setup page to change the password.