IT Outsourcing Services

Information Technology outsourcing (ITO) is the administration of the company’s computer infrastructure by a third-party organization.

Outsourcing may include maintenance of SCS (structured cable systems), maintenance of computer equipment and peripherals, modernization, software setup. It includes both remote administration and visiting the site by a system administrator.

Operating in Singapore, one of the most advanced IT countries in the world, our company RevLight Solution offers its clients a modern approach to managing the information infrastructure of companies from any field of activity. This approach is Information Technology outsourcing. It includes both remote administration and visiting the site by a system administrator.

What are the advantages of RevLight Solution's ITO

A business is composed of several operating structures from human resources to marketing and to IT systems. It would take tremendous amount of effort, patience and multi-tasking skills in order to perfectly manage all your business operation processes internally.

What we has to offer is an advantage of ITO to the management of your IT ecosystem. The keyword here is advantage, since it would be highly beneficial for your business to have one of the operations, having notably the most frequently hit with issues, outsourced by our team.

  • First off, through our outsourcing services, you are able to save up on your human resources costs. Hiring and training IT personnel can be a huge expenditure in a business with risks of not living up to the expectations garnered from them.
  • On the one hand, you get the possibility to manage the distribution of human resources flexibly and, on the other hand, you have efficient and effective Information Technology operations brought by the outsourcing team.
  • Through RevLight Solutions ITO team, you are assured of receiving competent and qualified IT-services from trained, experienced and certified personnel. This aspect most of the times can be overlooked especially if business owners are not able to properly assess if a recruited IT staff is competent enough for the job.
  • By using our company for outsourcing, you can significantly improve the efficiency of business processes and thereby gain an advantage over competitors.
  • You will be able to implement modern technologies in your business and be sure that everything works correctly.

What specific services we have included in Information Technology Outsourcing

  • A professional audit of your information cluster from the RevLight Solution team, which will be engaged in outsourcing.
  • High-quality computers and office equipment service within the shortest possible terms of their repair and modernization.
  • Software installation and setup, assistance in its purchase.
  • Continuous operation of server equipment.
  • Maintenance of network and data exchange between employees, departments, offices.
  • Secure storage and backup.
  • Reliable antivirus protection of personal computers.
  • Prevention and protection against unauthorized access to information.
  • Professional IT consulting and training in the use of information technologies.
  • Providing reports, infrastructure diagrams, plans and deadlines for routine work.
  • We offer a clear and proven system for working with user requests.

In a world of constant technological innovation, the best-prepared company has the advantage. With RevLight Solutions, innovation will be implemented smoothly and efficiently, saving your business time and money.

Choose us to take your business to new heights, as our current clients have already done.