Data Communications

In a nutshell, Data Communications in a Computer System involves the transmission of information in the form of digital signals from point A to Point B. The transmission passes through different modalities of networks which depends on the type of transmission and the data size. RevLight Solutions is a data communication system company which provides top-class data communication systems and services which involves modalities including but not limited to Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Wireless Area Networks and Remote Access Systems.


Local Area Network

Local Area Network, also referred to as LAN, is the most common form of data communication. This system involves physical network cabling integrated into software management. RevLight Solutions provides maintenance and troubleshooting services. Physical faults in LAN networks varies depending on what type of cable is used may it be copper based cables or the newer fiber optic variants. The team is equipped with various tools to detect physical faults in either cabling specifications. Also RevLight Solutions is a data communication system company which is fully able to perform endpoint network testing and network mapping to further test and diagnose any issues within the network.

WAN, often misunderstood as Wireless Area Network, is defined as Wide Area Network. This network systems involves several devices that are connected through a network that is usually far apart and is usually having a radius of more than 1 kilometer. This type of network system is usually implicated on organizations having several infrastructures or floor levels. As a data communication system company RevLight Solutions provides efficient service in terms of setting up the whole system as well as maintenance and issue troubleshooting.


On the other hand Wireless Area Network, is the new trend in most organizations now a days with some even having it as a necessity brought upon by innovative development of several technological devices. Wireless Area Network involves two models; Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN). Though in layman’s terminology, Wireless Area Network is commonly referred to as WiFi. As a data communication system company RevLight Solution’s IT Team has the experience and capability to install, manage and maintain both Wireless Local Area Network and Wireless Wide Area Network.

Lastly, we have Remote Access Systems and the most common way to describe such system is by simply providing capability to access a data communication system organisation’s network system without any physical presence required. Remote Access Systems is noted to be slowly increasing in terms of utilization. This is due to the fact that service providers can provide service in a timely manner. Thus, RevLight Solutions IT Team offers service to maintain and troubleshoot data communications system remotely on instances that the main issue is network or software related and not in any physical equipment or hardware.

Team & Work

RevLight Solutions IT Team has years of practical experience solidifying their ground on the competency, qualification and expertise on the field of information technology. Their capabilities in the field assures efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to physical networking on data communications as well as remote access and software integration. RevLight Solutions offers service of high quality. The organization is dedicated in providing gold standard service to manage your data communication and IT systems.