2MP IP Cam Day H 265+

2MP IP Cam Night Mode H 265+

H.264 VS H.265+

Storage Comparison in 8 Scenes

Scenes H.265+ (Day) H.264 (Day) Stream Saved
Road Street 5.19G 40.01G 87.03%
R/D Team 5.33G 40.01G 86.68%
Service Team 4.14G 40G 89.65%
General Manager Office 3.98G 39.8G 90.05%
Reception 3.44G 40G 91.40%
Marketing Office 2.84G 39.49G 92.91%
Parking Lot 2.52G 40.06G 93.71%
Meeting Room 3.16G 40G 92.10%
Average 3.85G/Day 39.92G/Day 90.44%
Recording a Month 115.5G 1198G Almost 90%

HD and IP CMS CCTV Camera System Solutions


CMS CCTV- Computer view

There are several issues noted by CMS CCTV systems. This may range from installation issues, electrical issues and most importantly identification issues. Identification has been the major issue for most CMS CCTV, as this serves as the main purpose of the technology and systems itself.
If a surveillance central management system has difficulty identifying any malicious activity, discrepancies and peculiarity in the environment under surveillance it would just be a waste of energy, time and finances.

RevLight Solutions offers a Surveillance CMS CCTV unlike any other. The system can manage multiple cameras which are very conducive to multi-floor buildings. With 5000 CMS CCTV that can be supported altogether with the system, it is assured that vision can be provided in almost all corners of the infrastructure. The cameras are of 1080 pixel high definition quality with added night capability, through its night vision feature.

The video output is encoded in H.265+ codec technology assuring clarity in the identification of the video capture. This high definition technology can adapt to environmental and intentional human distortion. It is able to adapt to fog, smog, glare from the sun and sea mist. This feature is able to overcome these challenges which lead to more surveillance clarity and accuracy.

  • CCTV CMS Support Up to 5000 Cameras

  • View Upto 100 Cameras per monitor

  • Full HD 1080p + Night Vision

  • Install at multiple locations, View on 1 Mobile App

CMS CCTV Mobile view

  • CCTV CMS Surveillance Video Recorder(DVR)

  • Statndard Installation

  • Testing and Configuration( Mobile App Setup )

An HD CMS CCTV Camera system for clarity


In terms of the Surveillance CMS CCTV user interface or its CCTV Software, it enables the users to view 100 different cameraCMS CCTV- View on TV feeds per monitor. At 5000 cameras in a huge multi-floor building, you will only need 50 monitors to cover all camera feeds. Aside from that, the user-interface is very user-friendly, with standard installation procedures and easy playbacks controls. The interface also enables you to record footages in a click of a button, with its IP Camera Recording Software. This is similar to conventional recording process with the difference that it is done over an Internet Protocol. The surveillance central management system offers very flexible management process through being able to install the interfaces in several locations.

Aside from the Surveillance CMS CCTV use in multi-floor buildings and large organizations, the same principle is also applied in household and small business surveillance management systems. In household application, the CMS CCTV can be linked to any Smart TV or any TV with the compatible network systems.



CMS CCTVThis enables the household’s TV to switch from an entertainment device into a security and surveillance monitor. For small businesses, the application of the Surveillance CMS CCTV can be applied in the same way as the application in large industries but on a small scale. A small business can be stationed with a number of CCTV cameras and this can be viewed on one PC monitor or in a designated security room.

Aside from the upgraded conventional interface and applications of RevLight Solution’s Surveillance Central


Management Systems, it also features portable and mobile capability. This interface feature enables you to view the

CCTV security feeds directly to the palms of your hands. In order to avail of this feature, RevLight Solutions will need to test and configure your mobile device for compatibility of the Surveillance CMS CCTV User Interface.

With RevLight Solution’s Surveillance CMS CCTV users are guaranteed efficient and accessible CCTV Security System. It comes equipped with several Central Management System Tools that enable you to properly manage your security and surveillance operations.

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