Biometric Door Access

The safety of one’s property is always one of the priorities of a person. May it be for large properties like a piece of land, farm, buildings, estate or house to small properties like an apartment, office space, vault, or even young desk cabinet. It is part of human nature to secure our own private properties and to keep it away from the hands of those with malicious intentions. Biometric door access will help you deal with these kinds of issues several security measures were developed through time.

To every lock, there is a different key, though despite that theory in place there are also some individuals who maliciously hold a fraudulent key to almost every lock in place. These individuals have a specific set of skills that enable them to intrude to your properties by picking out your locks or safety perimeters. Due to their presence, security systems firms are constantly developing new technologies and strategies to keep one’s properties safe. One effective mode of technology would be to utilize biometric systems technology. Technology of the biometric access systems uses biological markers, which are unique for every individual, as the point of identification for several computer systems. This technology integrated into security systems will give you a lock on the owner of the property being the unique key.

Fingerprint and Face Recognition Systems

RevLight Solutions provides and installs Biometric Fingerprint and Face Recognition Systems to provide access security. Commonly used as a locking mechanism for doors and vaults, the device allows fingerprint door lock access only to those individuals that have been given authorization through unique biological markers embedded into its protocols. The device’s biometric fingerprint or thumbprint door lock protocols can be set-up to ask for either a fingerprint scan, facial scan through its biometric reader. Pin number or a combination of either the three as a requirement for access to a certain area. These protocols make it difficult for anyone attempting to breach a secured area due to the unique biometric access control.

Biometric door access

Time and Attendance Management

On the other hand, aside from the device is a security device it can also be used as a Time and Attendance System of personnel in businesses and organizations. The device’s system can be integrated to register an unlimited amount of biometric data for identification of corresponding individuals. As a time keeping device it replaces the conventional Time Clocks which utilizes Time cards, and is prone to fraud clock-ins through what others may refer to as “buddy punching.” The timekeeping system will record all work-related incidents; absences, tardiness and early outs. This recording system can also be networked towards the payroll system, providing automation of the payroll computation of the employees.

Time and Attendance Management

Biometric Door Access Systems sophistication also includes various levels of security to ensure accurate and high integrity personal identification. The device itself is sturdy as well and has an integrated security system. The device is tamper proof and it can be connected to the existing alarm system and will go off when an attempt to intrude the integrity of the device has been made.

Overall, RevLight Solution’s biometric door system is a great innovation in terms of security and people management. With the device in place, one can confidently say that the valuable property of concern is in safe hands. In terms of people management, with the Time and Attendance System, the company or organization can confidently say that every person who has reported or has not reported for duty is accounted fully for.