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Providing professional & quality services to all our clients is very important to us. To achieve this, Revlight Solutions have successfully put all the necessary resources in place, from skills and technology, to the ability of our team.

RevLight Solutions’ ultimate mission is to provide customers with cost-friendly, consistent and quality services. We have successfully allocated numerous resources to provide the customers with service from our highly competent and qualified team.

Our products of high quality and from the most advanced technology all tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our products range from simple networking systems (WiFi routers) to complex control management systems (Building Management, Energy Saving, Security and kitchen DCV). To provide customers with quality services at affordable price and consistent service delivery.

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RevLight Solutions Pte Ltd already proven itself in IT service field to deliver and manage network-based services, applications, and equipment to small business, home, office and other service providers. RevLight Solutions’ services are proven to deliver in the fields of IT and networking. Our services cover from personal offices, homes, small businesses up to large companies and organizations.

Products & Solutions

Outsourcing can give you the benefit of getting the best and skilled engineer without the worries of recruitment. Our products and solutions can help you manage your systems and infrastructures by providing you with well rounded services as well as top notch devices for several IT and infrastructure management systems. One of our sought after services comes from our very own research and development team.

Commercial Kitchen DCV

Through R&D, we have came up with a state of the art commercial kitchen Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) to further optimise kitchens for maximum energy savings at competitive pricing.
This service is aimed to manage Commercial Kitchen Demand Control Ventilation, which manages several commercial kitchen DCV components including kitchen hood ventilation systems and HVACs.

Why Choose Us


RevLight provides a diverse range of IT services and support that meets a variety of customers’ needs. We aim to become a premier IT service company in the market, to deliver outstanding services for all sectors. As we consistently adhere to our values and strategies and achieve our goals, we will demonstrate our leadership position in the industry. We emphasize continuous improvement as we pursue quality in every aspect of our business.

Our Agile Methodology of development is proven and effective

Strong focus on business requirements and ROI

We’re quick to response to the clients need

Delivering services and solutions right for your business

We have an experienced team of web experts

No compromise on quality of software

We have a multi-approach multi-discipline team of highly competent engineers

Extensive project management experience

Our suite of services provides the next generation IoT solutions in pre-emptive maintenance across all industries

Partners we work with

  • synology
  • asus
  • dell
  • canon
  • microsoft
  • hp
  • trend-micro

How we’re different

Also in highlight is our state of the art Building Management Systems and Energy Management System, designed by our team of highly qualified professionals. This system enables the users to effectively control infrastructure systems which include room temperature, ventilation, energy consumption and etc.

Aside from the technical hardware systems tailored for infrastructure management, RevLight Solutions also offer Customized Customer Relationship Management Software. First off is the customized CRM for an Ophthalmology Practice entitled, Optometry, which is designed by RevLight Solution’s for cloud based invoicing and database management. Meanwhile, the second customized CRM software developed by RevLight Solutions is the Spa and Massage CRM System. This system is also cloud based with invoicing capability and is designed for Spa and Massage businesses. These software are professionally built by our highly trained and experienced Programming team and can be modified to the customer’s business operation. It is aimed to provide optimal speed and computing capability which provides effective and efficient customer relationship management towards the customers.

With several competitions in the market offering almost the same services, there are numerous reasons why you should choose RevLight Solutions. First of all, with the diverse range of IT System Products and Solutions offered for our customers, our ultimate goal is to meet your needs and let you experience the RevLight Solutions quality of Service. Our team is precisely managed and tailored to meet your needs and is regularly on quality management audits through Agile Methodology to which is a proven Operational Quality Management method also tailored and proven effective for IT Systems. We have particular focus on your business requirements and your return of investment goals and we respond to those needs in a timely manner. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineers who also envisions providing our customers with hassle free, efficient and cost effective service.

RevLight Solution’s vision is to become one of the leading solutions provider in the field, we are keen to consistently follow and implement our values and strategies. In this method, we are able to consistently provide our customers with quality service. Also, as part of our strategy we are encouraging our customers to give us feedback with regards to our service. These strategy envelopes the fact that RevLight Solutions values the feedbacks and responses from the customers and will use the said data to create continuous improvement solutions to further upgrade and improve the service rendered.

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